Conventional Tick treatments are our most common approach to take when encountering an infested property. The initial assessment consists of an onsite inspection to identify hotspots of activity . Treatments consist of a thorough granular insecticide treatment to target areas on property, as well as spot mist treatment to lawn areas if deemed necessary. Our treatment programs are flexible, whether you desire a one time treatment to knock down a heavy tick population, a year long program (April-October) that targets multiple species of ticks (Deer, Dog and Lone Star), we can accommodate your specific needs. 
Eco Friendly Tick treatments are also offer for those looking for a Green alternative to a conventional. The procedure and areas targeted are all the same , the only difference is we use a FIFRA 25(b) exempt product that allow for more flexibility when treating properties located next to or adjacent to bodies of water or wetlands. Treatment is needed more frequently than with a conventional program, due to reduced residual activity of Green based products
Mosquito and Tick Combination packages are available as well. This is a cost effective way of dealing with our two most common disease causing outdoor pests here in Massachusetts.