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"Do-it-yourself"... FAILS!

The picture above illustrates a well intentioned home remedy gone awry. A plastic cup with rotten apple slices and a cellophane top with holes punched in it. Yikes! By trying to solve the problem they've unconsciously provided a perfect breeding ground. Another common blunder made by the homeowner is to "bomb" the house for roaches. These over the counter, ready to use aerosol products are available at most hardware stores. At first it may seem like a successful endeavor. The treatment causes many roaches to die, but not all of them. The remaining roaches that have either avoided the pesticide all together (hiding out inside a toaster, for example) or can build up a resistance to the chemical being sprayed. The result is a scattered and much harder to control problem. Calling a professional (I'd highly recommend Nate Curran from Home and Business Pest Control ;) ) is the best first move. Often times a home or business that has never been treated is preferable to something that has been broken and needs double the effort to fix. A trained PCO is licensed by the state and must follow all pesticide labels. This means a safer and more targeted approach that in turn uses less pesticide and non chemical options. In other words if you screw it up it is going to be harder and more exspensive to control said pest. See link below for more information.

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