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Beyond Spraying ...

Many times in my pest management career I've come across a desperate customer who shrieks "Just kill it !!!" While pesticide applications are an important part of any pest control program, they are nearly rendered useless when matched up against conducive conditions that are insurmountable to even the most trained and valiant Bug Slayer. Here are few facts to back up my arguement:

- Bed bugs are attracted to dirty laundry (Source:

- Unsanitary conditions in residential and commercial settings (i.e. food debris, non-tamper proof foodstuffs) will make rodenticide baits much less appealing, same is true of German Roach infestations

- Poorly graded home lots can lead to moisture problems. In severe cases, when the soil line contacts the sill plate and lower clapboards, termite and carpenter ant infestations are not far behind (

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