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The year of the Rat (and Mouse)

As a pest control professional (or exterminator) , I take great pride in my ability to control, if not eliminate rodents from my clients homes, restaurants and other commercial properties. So you can imagine my embarrassment and frustration when some type of "critter" was raiding my vegetable garden. After setting traps in the mist of the cucumber vines , i discovered both white footed mice and meadow voles feeding on the cucumber fruits.

A perfect storm of a mild winter and spring/summer drought has lead to optimal conditions for rodent reproduction. Whether its RATS in Somerville or FIELD MICE in Sudbury, rodent pressure is at a peak not seen in years. My company has seen over a 200% increase in rodent control this year!

Home and Business Pest Control utilizes all available techniques to control or eliminate your rodent problems. Exclusion to keep the rodents from coming inside, trapping and baiting to eliminate populations in and around the structure, environmentally friendly repellent treatments to dissuade future infestations, along with verbal and written reports as to why the rodents are attracted to the structure.

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