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We utilize the OneGuard Mosquito reduction program from MGK
OneGuard offers a unique combination of immediate and residual control along with an insect growth regulator that breaks the mosquitos life cycle. With up to 60 days residual, which no other program offers. The longer residual action means less applications, saving money and limited disruption to people and the environment. We will come out for a free assessment of your property, make a graph detailing target areas where applications will be made and deficiencies that customers can fix that will make the property less attractive to breeding or visiting mosquitoes. Not all properties will be eligible for treatment, this will be decided at the discretion of Home and Business Pest Control.
Green Choice with EcoRaider ER-3 is an alternative to OneGuard that utilizes a "Reduced Risk" or "Green" pesticide to mitigate Mosquitoes on one's property. Treatments are scheduled every 21-30 days . Green Choice is a good option for those whose properties don't qualify for Secure Choice (not enough set back from wetlands or other bodies of water) or who would prefer a more eco-friendly service.

To round out the our complete line of Mosquito mitigation tools, we Offer Catchmaster Final Feed Bait & Ovi-Catch traps. Final Feed is a highly attractive bait matrix that attracts mosquitos, killing them with in 1-2 days & achieving 90% reduction in populations. The Ovi-Catch trap attracts gravid female mosquitos to lay eggs . The Unique design entraps the mosquito, leaving it unable to lay eggs, thus greatly reducing populations of targeted property. Larvicidal granular applications are often used in conjunction with all treatment options listed above.

We offer flexible treatment options. Whether you are having a graduation, wedding reception or other outdoor function or desire a year long mitigation program, we can help. Season long treatment plans consist of coverage from April-October or on-call one time services .
Another popular option is to integrate the OneGuard program with granular Tick treatments. This "kill two birds with one stone" approach is an economical way of controlling the two main outdoor pests that plague the typical suburban homeowner. 
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